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Evangeline St. Clare [userpic]

Insufferable excess

October 9th, 2010 (03:36 pm)

WSJ Homes of the Day

Found this through a site about plutocrats.  It's sad because although I hate excess, I'm fascinated by architecture, interior design and the idea of houses in general, so so I've been looking through it.  Some of them are hideous, some are pointless, some are disgusting, and a few are actually interesting.

This however was the funniest entry, it's the one called "California Jai Life" (sorry, it can't seem to link)

and her husband Y were married in a spiritual ceremony featuring a Vedic fire ceremony and West African dancers

Oh my

Ms. X now describes herself as a "Renaissance artist" -she teaches yoga and is working on a record with her two oldest children, 15-year-old Tyler and 14-year-old Trapper

...oh my.  Also, I'd smack my parents if they named me 'Trapper', just sayin'.

Part of the master bathroom is open to the master bedroom.  "I'm a bath girl, and you might find me in the bath a few times a day," says Ms. X.    She left the tub open to the bedroom so that she could spend time with her husband and her children while enjoying the tub.

O__o  Yeah, when I move in that's gonna definitely go.  "Mommy, can't you put your clothes on JUST THIS ONCE when we play Pictionary??"

On the lack of molding and sconces: "It's just very pure.  There is something that is fulfilling and nurturing about that for me'"

I'll bet.  Who wants to bet this person's ego needs a whole lot of 'nurturing' from everyone around them

The home features a 75-foot lap pool that separates the living area from the bedroom wing,  making it necessary to go outside to move between spaces

...so I'll need an umbrella to get to the kitchen anytime it rains?  Why not just live in a bunch of separate huts or something and not even have a full-sized house.

Mr. X uses the pool regularly and is currently transitioning from his career as an entertainment lawyer to pursue his training as a vegan triathlete

OH MY GOD  *spits drink* 

He also speaks on the subject and is working on a book about his experiences

Of course he is... 

I'm a filthy multiculturalist treehugging commie, and these people sound insufferable even to me.


Another classic, from the entry "Dallas Large"

The builders of this 11,494 square-foot home found it a bit big for a family of three.


Another douchebag, from "Austin Gothic"

Ms. X, who describes herself as a professional muse who "works with creative people to (bring) them into their full potential"

That's an impressive ego you've got there

Evangeline St. Clare [userpic]

Needed: Universal Life Test

July 27th, 2010 (03:41 pm)
current song: eastnewsound - kyoku ha-iro no eden

The last few days I've filled out the SAME employment personality test at least 3 times.


Can we just require everyone to take this under penalty of law, and port our results into every possible venue?  Because it's vital for someone know whether 'My stuff is sometimes kind of messy'

wtf kind of answer are you supposed to give?  l just lie on all of them, I think thats what Big Brother wants~

That, or maybe implement something like this

Evangeline St. Clare [userpic]

I'm already exhausted

July 24th, 2010 (11:21 pm)

My mom told me I should ignore co-workers who say racist and homophobic things about customers, because if I say it isn't nice I'll look like a troublemaker.  Well, fuckkkkk that shit.  Sure thing I'll just let people be assholes to customers LUL.

It's funny how making slurs against people is fine, but speaking up about how uncool it is, is starting trouble.  Funny thing that.

*waiting for the nag to kick in*


Evangeline St. Clare [userpic]

parents just don't understand

July 24th, 2010 (02:41 pm)
current song: touhou

I've been more tired that usual.  So humid out it makes me feel exhausted even if I've done nothing... this is why I need to move to Oregon, apparently I really do not tolerate heat so well, at least not this humid sort.  I come home just after doing a few errands and I collapse onto my bed.

I got my days mixed up and realized I only have one more day to clean and do everything before my mom/gma get her tonight or in the morning.  It really stresses me more than I expected cos I started returning to the feeling that I have to look really good and competent to avoid my mom nagging/criticising my life.  She has a good life to her, because she is an RN and can afford to buy a big new truck and what not.  She cares about money and fitting into society.  

Tho she's calmed down on the nagging and total emotional shutdown now that she's older, she still started in on me last time about job and school.  She doesn't understand how things are nowadays.  Thinks that you can just inflate yourself to look respectable, go in with your resume and impress someone with native competency and intelligence, but it's not that way anymore.  They don't care about what sort of person you are, only that you have x years of experience doing a very specific thing, and the ability to kiss as much ass as possible.  They check your credit rating for god's sake.  Soon we're going to have a government-mandated stigma tattooed on our bodies, that we can never escape, to prevent us from making even a peasant's living due to some mistake we made when we were 21 and stupid.  Who the fuck knows what they want from us anymore.  It's fucked.

Who knows what she will find about my lifestyle, hobbies, state of being to criticise if she does happen to revert to the nag mode that started as soon as I was old enough to comprehend criticism.  My mom actually ruined my self esteem for life, you can fight past it and learn to think rationally but it never goes away inside.

Got so overwhelmed I had to sit around, chat about touhou and have some houjicha to take my nerves to a manageable level.

***PS i made some new icons.  Check it out I have Kanako-sama watching over me.  *worship*

Evangeline St. Clare [userpic]

Wow, that burns.

July 15th, 2010 (06:01 pm)
current song: Demetori - Doll Judgment (the girl who plays with human's shapes)

My shitty former job location
I'm lovin it.

The whole time I worked there, and really at the other locations as well, it didn't matter how many damned people slobbered over me because i spent the extra time to help them, I even got tips, one sweet older lady gave me a 20.  It doesn't matter if they don't send an email to the fuckwad Gen. Manager kissing my ass, it isn't noticed.  ONE lady at my last place, emailed a recommendation to me.  She was super nice she kinda tripped my gaydar to be honest.  I think that was the only official praise I ever got.  Any male I've ever worked with got constant dickslobberers sending emails to corporate.  Wonder why?  Cos they are fake ass-kissers and despise the customers in reality, and will do anything to step on coworkers if it benefits them.  Even the management..

Teal DeerCollapse )

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Evangeline St. Clare [userpic]

pissing me off

June 30th, 2010 (05:05 pm)

I swear every other lame ass cashier/associate/anything job requres you to lift 50 pounds.  that's about half my GD body weight.  Oh well, women don't need jobs.


Evangeline St. Clare [userpic]

lucid dream/ life of NEET

June 24th, 2010 (03:28 pm)
current song: east new sound- lucid dream

I've been feeling pretty awful for the last couple of weeks, but I felt better today, maybe because it's overcast and I slept a lot so I'm less physically miserable...

not happy about job things and feeling insecure about art, but that's normal.

I have a new roommate in the next few weeks b/c my current one is taking a long vacation back home or something and he's sub-leasing his room.  I didn't like the idea of that either, but this guy seems nice.  Actually he tripped my gaydar within the first 30 seconds, but I wouldn't say anything because I don't know.  He paints in free time, works a lot as a bartender and says he has fish and Quaker parakeets at home.  Maybe it's weird, but I automatically trust someone more who keeps pets... esp birds and fish which take more work than a cat or dog.  Weird.

He also said he might know a lot about jobs around, so if that's so it would be nice to have an in.  I just love humiliation of human society-- in times like this, no one cares what your actual skills or intelligence are, they just hire people who know someone that already works there.  Or has 8 years experience and a college diploma necessary for answering phones and light filing at some piddly front desk.   As everyone knows, it takes years of intensive academic study to operate simple computer programs and type and work a multi-line phone system and copiers.  Exhausts me just thinking about it.


I had this dream last week related to the bothersome thoughts I was having, which are not so bothersome right now, but it was a strange dream  This whatever-person was there for some reason talking/being around me and I had this aching urge to ask if I could kiss her because she seemed so delicious and had a long pale neck.  But I didn't dare to because she claimed to be on some kind of celibacy trip and I didn't want to risk her hating me and losing a friendship.  Then she did something that was vaguely/weirdly erotic involving pouring water down her arm (???) and it was high difficulty level >_<

man even my dreams cock-block me.  I was thinking maybe this was  a bad and troublesome idea, but prepared to throw that out the window.  OH like I have done before so many times because who I'm attracted to IRL makes no sense and is utterly random.

I wish I were sensible, because I think I need hand-holding to make it through human society and like, remember to pay my bills and take out recycling and crap like that.  I'm so incompetent.  I need to be surrounded by helpful friends.  If Kevin isn't playing with me about moving to Portland then it might be possible, cos I'd have two real friends in vicinity to keep me normal or something.

Meh I keep on alone out of too much pride haha but it seems so impossible these times to live without help.

as illustrated by the fact that I need financial support to do anything.  Well when I read about 30 year olds moving back into their parents' house and so on, it no longer surprises me so I guess I should stop being humiliated and suck it up and accept help in life before I like, fall and break my skull on the tile and no one finds me for 3 days LOL

Back to job search, drawing practice and playing Toohoz games like a NEET.  Mammals require touch.  It is hard.

//transmission over

Evangeline St. Clare [userpic]

Can haz friends? O_O

June 22nd, 2010 (01:36 pm)

current mood: artistic

So I'm sitting in the coffeeshop again doing the job hunt thing and email, The usual friendly/cute girl is working and when I went up to order hummus she asked me if I'm an illustrator.  She saw me drawing a horse sometime and said she loves horses (she had a Stubbs-style anatomical horse on her tshirt that I was gonna compliment) and asked if I have a website, cos she's an artist too so we traded addresses.  LULLL  whats up with coolness.

It would be cool if she was gay I guess, but I heard her talking about boyfriends.  thats ok she's too hip for me, out of the league of a nerd who goes to anime cons and secretly draws fanart.


DERP.  Now if ppl actually look at my art, I have to hurry and draw something good.  hurr

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Srs blog is srs.

June 22nd, 2010 (12:15 pm)

current location: green muse
current song: East New Sound - 蒼月下零度

I decided that, since there is so much useless info that's out of place both here and on a DA journal, I'd make a blogspot for things like vintage illustration, blah about my collections, paleontology wank, and posting some of my original arts


Girls are now posting, please watch warmly while it is growing~*

*Pointless touhou reference most will not get 


Evangeline St. Clare [userpic]

Git offa mah proppity

June 20th, 2010 (11:48 am)


Y'know after school got out, I had brief moments of thinking 'hey, maybe I could work for the census since they're hiring all over the place"

Stories like this are why I... unconsidered it... although that may seem silly since I live in an urban area full of 'minorities'

I'm still scared.


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